Long Distance Tips

So as you may know I am in a long distance relationship. My boyfriend is also a resident but in internal medicine all the way up north in Boston. People who have done long distance already know that it sucks. For those of you who have been lucky enough to never do long distance FYI – it SUCKS!  First of all your best friend and support system are not available in person on a daily basis. I miss our little conversations over meals or during study breaks. I miss having him wrap his arms around me when I least suspect it.  So many of those little gestures of love that people perform on a daily basis are not possible in a long distance relationship. However, with some hard work and good communication, a relationship can grow even when 100s of miles away.  Here are some of my tips!

Communication, like in any relationship, is a key part of making things work long distance. My boyfriend and I are very open about when we are just having a terrible time missing the other person. That way we can try and help the other get through the tough times. It is sooooooo tempting to always put a smile on your face and act fine because you only get a small amount of time talking each evening but it is important to understand each other’s feelings and work through the hard times and celebrate the good times together.

Take advantage of the distance! Make the times you are together all the more special. There is so much excitement leading up to being able to see one another. We cherish those little moments together so much more when we do not get too many of them. This is a small positive to long distance and hey I’ll take the positives where I can get them!

Take the time to relax together! We learned early on not to fill every second of our time together with planned activities. We were always trying to make a jammed pack weekend of fun with family and friends whenever the other was in town. At the end of one of our long weekends together we sat down to talk and it felt like we hadn’t even had a moment to ourselves to just be a normal couple. The next time we we’re together we planned one night to spend with friends and the other few nights to just spend together having meaningful time with just us two.

Hope some of these tips help at least one of ya’ll out! Let me know if you have any topics you’d like to hear about!

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