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Not Home for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again! The holiday season!! Such a fun and exciting time that is normally spent with one’s friends and family. But what about those that have to work the holidays – how do we get into the holiday spirit. Here are some ways that I have been able to celebrate the holidays this year!

            Friendsgiving this year was a huge success. We all cooked different comfort foods and seemed to have every major dish covered. The turkey was OH MY GOSH so delicious! One friend seasoned and brined it while another cooked it – teamwork makes the dream-work. I made some delicious green beans with olive oil, balsamic and roasted almonds that was so amazing!

            For Christmas and Hanukkah we had/have parties for both. I hosted a Hanukkah party in my amazing Hanukkah sweater. We whipped up some delicious latkes and played dreidel. Everyone loved the latkes and they have been texting me asking for more haha. You should definitely find a Jewish friend and try them if you haven’t! Christmas itself we will be planning a holiday meal together that night to celebrate after work and of course we will wear our ugly Christmas sweaters to work that day!

            We also hada department wide holiday party last night. We all got dolled up in some fancy dresses and ate some absolutely delicious food! It was so much fun to see all the attendings physicians and faculty out of the hospital and some of them even got their groove on on the dance floor! I highly recommend attending your work holiday parties if they are anything like mine! Such an amazing night!

             If you guys have traditions or suggestions for how to celebrate the holidays away from home and at work let me know! I’d love some more ideas and to hear your stories!

Best holiday wishes,


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